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Rebuilding infrastructure can help revive Georgia’s economy

By July 7, 2020Blog, General

As the second half of 2020 begins, and the economy struggles to regain its footing, construction plays a key role.

Georgia’s $26 billion fiscal spending plan includes $1.1 billion for construction projects. Including maintenance and repair of state-owned roads and bridges that address infrastructure needs. This is despite falling income taxes due to the pandemic that led the general assembly to cut spending by 10%.

Because roads and bridges are still in need of repair, spending on infrastructure is still a good idea. It’s still smart because it boosts the economy, which needs to recover after a shutdown that eliminated more than 20 million jobs.

The Association of General Contractors reported 1,187,000 construction workers lost their jobs nationwide. More than two-thirds of contractors say they’ve had a project canceled or delayed since the crisis began.

Congress is looking to fund the construction of roads and bridges, airports, schools, hospitals, affordable housing, and other infrastructure.

P2K has more than two decades of experience building durable critical infrastructure projects. The company has played a key part in the $6 billion expansion of the Atlanta airport. We are also part of the massive transformation of the I-285/GA 400 intersection, one of the biggest road projects in Georgia history. In no other state is infrastructure more critical to economic growth.

Ease of transport defines Georgia. Its logistics, moving freight and consumer goods through ports, modern airports, and a growing network of highways, are some of the reasons why companies like Delta, UPS, and Amazon have major distribution centers here.

P2K is working hard to build the projects Georgia needs to grow and thrive in the future. Our company is proud to be part of an industry that can and will help both the state and the nation recover from the 2020 recession.