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P2K Uses LaborChart to Improve Workforce Processes Every Day

By April 11, 2021Blog, General

Case Study

The Problem

P2K is a civil contractor founded in 1998 and located in Atlanta, Georgia. With a focus on civil infrastructure, their workforce repairs airport runways one day and performs highly technical operations at military bases the next.

Holistic Workforce Visibility

With this type of work, P2K needs to have daily visibility across their workforce. From knowing who’s on what project and where it stands to identifying staff that can work on federal property, it’s important for them to have an organized bird’s eye view. For P2K, the full picture wasn’t being painted. In fact, it wasn’t available at all. They were wasting hours going over Excel spreadsheets, under-utilizing staff in unproductive labor meetings and misplacing worker information in their files. They needed a cloud-based workforce management platform. They needed LaborChart.

The Solution

New Workforce Management Process

P2K leadership calculated the amount of time and money they were spending in their meetings, continuously updating their spreadsheet and misplacing workers on various jobs. They quickly realized LaborChart could do exactly what they were already doing in Excel and then some. They replaced their entire workforce management process with the LaborChart platform.

The Results

Going Beyond Labor Scheduling

Now a LaborChart user for three years, P2K uses the platform every single day. Their Human Resources group uses LaborChart to input new employee information and track certifications. Their Estimating Department has the ability to plan months ahead and effectively forecast how many workers they’ll need with any given project throughout the year. Project managers have a holistic view of each worker, jobsite and overall costs.

By utilizing the Tags feature in LaborChart, P2K can now label each of their workers and see who is certified to work on certain tasks and more importantly for them, who has proper access to work on military bases. This allows them to move people around as needed and ensure they not only have workers on each job, but the right workers.

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