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After three years of absence due to the pandemic, we are back at Cross Keys High School, conducting a series of workshops. On our first visit, members our team —David Caranton, Nicolás Perea and Daniela Melo — introduced the students to the company and job opportunities.

On the second visit, David Najera, Pedro Rodríguez and Antonino Pastrana provided instruction in concrete finishing.

Our company has partnered with CKHS since 2017 to offer hands-on experience aimed at improving the skills of CKHS students and job opportunities in the construction industry.

P2K established a partnership with Cross Keys High School in 2017 to give students training in concrete application and the opportunity of a career in construction.

Our CEO Guiomar Obregon and President Carlos Sanchez met with groups of students in several occasions to talk about career opportunities in construction.

In 2018 the Company provided financial support to the team that went to Skills-USA National competition.

P2K joined the Cross Keys High School Community Partnership Advisory Group in 2018. Its goal is to create new opportunities for the school’s mostly Latino students in construction. We are proud to join other great companies, such as Carterpillar and Anning-Johnson Company.

In 2019, the Company created a hands-on workshop, where P2K’s project manager, superintendent and concrete finishers taught students how to work with concrete at Cross Keys High School.

The workshop was aimed at helping the students to improve the skills and job opportunities in the construction industry. P2K also partnered with the school to fill the shelves of the CKHS pantry and closet that benefits dozens of students, families and community around the school.