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In 2012, our CEO Guiomar Obregon co-founded the Georgia Hispanic Construction Association (GHCA) to bring greater cohesiveness to the loosely knit group of Hispanic construction companies in Atlanta.

The mission of GHCA is to “nurture the success of the Hispanic Community in the construction industry.” Under her leadership, the GHCA helped countless companies cope with the devastating downturn.

After the devastating effect on businesses from the Great Recession, Guiomar Obregon devoted herself and the organization to help the Hispanic construction industry survive and prosper.

Guiomar served as the inaugural Chair and President for a tenure of 4 years, demonstrating remarkable leadership and dedication. Throughout her distinguished service, she contributed to the organization for a total of 13 years, leaving a lasting impact on its mission and goals.

13 Years Advocating on behalf of the Hispanic Community

Guiomar Obregon is co-founder of the Georgia Hispanic Construction Association established in 2011; she joined other Hispanic leaders that wanted to get more visibility for the Hispanic contractor. It was a game-changer for the fragmented industry, helping them survive the Great Recession. Obregon served as President and Chairwoman of the Board for four years. During GHCA’s 10th Anniversary Gala, she was proclaimed an “Outstanding Georgia Citizen” by the GA Secretary of State.