P2K believes that it is important to help develop the next generation of professionals in construction.

In 2006, P2K created a mentorship program for civil engineering students from the Colombian School of Engineering in Colombia, where our founders, Guiomar Obregon and Carlos Sanchez, obtained their undergraduate degrees; later the program expanded to the National University of Colombia in Bogota. Precision 2000 has been providing these students with hands on training to improve their professional skills. So far, the program has benefited over 30 young Colombian engineers.

P2K welcomed Jose L. Pardo and Mateo Gonzalez to our Internship Program 2018. They are civil engineering students from Colombia and will learn professional skills and work on different projects.

David Alejandro Carantón is one of our Project Coordinators. He was in our intern program in 2015 while a Civil Engineering student.

After his internship at P2K he went back to Colombia and graduated in civil engineering, later he worked as an Engineering Assistant where he managed the construction of water and sewer networks in the city of Bogota. Now he returns to P2K to continue learning about safety, construction management and BIM, among other topics.

P2K also partnered with the Atlanta International School’s internship program in the summer 2019, which encourages kids to pursue careers in a STEAM-related fields, such as civil engineering. The internship at P2K will provide two high school students with the opportunity to shadow our professionals.

Ethan Carrier is an Atlanta International School’s sophomore and will be the first student in the 2019 internship program. His goals for the internship are to become a better problem solver and learn more about infrastructure construction.

Chad Bryant is in 11th grade and he would like to find out more about what the engineering industry is like.