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The P2K Classroom at Georgia Tech

The Georgia Institute of Technology and its School of Civil and Environmental Engineering have named classroom 3133 to the Atlanta construction company P2K. The dedication ceremony was held on April 11, 2022

This is the first time in the history of the institution that a classroom will be named after a Hispanic-owned company.

The space commemorates the achievements of Precision 2000 (P2K) and recognizes the commitment of Guiomar Obregón and Carlos Sánchez, Founders of P2K, to create opportunities for the next generation of civil engineers. This will allow the creation of a visible space for future generations of engineers to acknowledge the existence of the Company and the achievements of Hispanic alumni of Georgia Tech.

There’s a comprehensive process that goes well beyond a donation for a classroom to be named for a company. A university committee evaluates the donor, the company and its impact.

Guiomar and Carlos both studied civil engineering in Colombia, before attending Georgia Tech and getting their graduate degrees; they want to give other such students the chance to attend Georgia Tech, as they did.