Precision 2000, Inc. is a General Contractor with the ability to self perform the following work:

  • Earth work: mass excavation, erosion control, embankments, grading, roads, environmental remediation.
  • Concrete work: flatwork, curb and gutter, pavement, sidewalks, structures, foundations, pavement repair.
  • Utilities: storm water lines, drainage structures, sewer lines, water lines.
  • Landscaping: hardscaping, streetscaping, stamped and stained concrete, pavers.

Precision 2000, Inc. has successfully completed many projects that are transportation related, such as projects at airports, roads, pedestrian paths, crossings and intersections and sidewalks.

The company has capabilities to perform renovations and maintenance of facilities. Precision 2000, Inc., has the premise that detailed planning and high quality management are the most important elements for developing a project.

Airport Infrastructure

Precision 2000 provides general contracting and project management services for the development of airport infrastructure. Work ranges from runways and taxiways, to concrete pavement and repairs, grading, seeding, fence and asphalt paving in and around the airfield (AOA). The Company has also worked in NLVR, parking, fence and gates, erosion control, embankments, storm system, in the SIDA, among others.

We have the necessary qualifications and experience to handle the inevitable challenges that come with airport facilities construction. The company’s skilled team of engineers and managers has extensive knowledge of security regulations and airport safety guidelines. Our people are trained to work under strict restrictions of time, location, and access, found in construction projects at the airports.

Commercial and Institutional

Precision 2000 created the Commercial and Institutional Division to serve our client’s infrastructure needs.  Our capabilities include general construction, construction management, design-build, design-assist and turn-key project development.  Our team of experienced professionals is skilled at managing tight schedules and building relationships to ensure that each project is completed within the time and budget limits.  We have a resume to support our services in new construction, additions, alterations, renovations, maintenance and repairs.


Precision 2000 has the capability to do commercial and institutional renovation projects, including office buildings, historical buildings, government buildings, recreational facilities, and medical buildings. Our services can be used for making small renovations and design modifications up to full scale turn-key build outs.

Work includes but is not limited to build outs, remodeling including trades such as carpentry, flooring, painting, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and HVAC for office space, laboratories and military installations.

Oil Industry

Precision 2000 provides a range of construction services in the oil industry. The Company offers site preparation, general steel fabrication and installation, as well as the premises maintenance for drill sites. Our services include basic and detailed engineering, procurement of equipment and materials from domestic and international sources and construction.

Special Construction and Sustainability

As indicated by the Vision statement, the Company promotes innovations of methods and makes great effort to protect the environment through its policies, construction methods and green construction.

Special Construction:

High early Concrete and Concrete repair –  Concrete repairs where a fast return to service of the repaired area is necessary such as in sea-ports, airports. Using special cement and concrete mix we have performed repairs on runways and taxiways at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport in the world where a fast track repair is critical. Carlos Sanchez has been guest speaker at International Concrete Conventions due to his multiple experience in this topic.                 .

Decorative Concrete – stamped and stained concrete.  Using our creative minds and skilled hands we can apply decorative concrete applications to exterior floors, driveways and walkways, patios, street-scaping, and sidewalks.


Pervious Concrete –   Our company is a certified installer of pervious concrete.  This is a material used to let the water pass thru the concrete to be percolated into the soil or collected in a system for later use. The pervious concrete reduces or eliminates the need for storm water collection systems, such as detention ponds. This is a green product.

PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Electric Systems –  We have recently embarked in a mission to develop the market for the installation of solar powered systems from the design to the final installation and commissioning.  Our company has partnered with world wide recognized manufacturers to meet the needs on this market.

Recycling of materials –  Precision 2000 is committed to protecting the environment for future generations. The Company recycles the concrete that comes out of the demolition, recycles the asphalt, the used oil, metal, batteries and tires. Also in the office we recycle paper and plastic.