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Project Description

E.I.T. Embankment and Utilities Relocation Phase I – Taxiway “L” Extension Embankment, Phase II

Precision 2000, Inc. worked in joint venture on this project, which involved the construction of various items of work as the first phase of the construction of the East International Terminal at Atlanta?s airport. Earth fill embankments were placed for an extension of taxiway “L” and “M”, along with interim drainage and erosion control systems to stabilize the area. Relocation of very deep major storm drainage and sanitary sewer systems was also done in this project. Another significant area of work consisted of constructing a protective structural concrete slab over the existing Flint River Enclosure. The six-foot thick slab is supported by a deep foundation consisting of drilled caissons ranging from 50-foot to 130-foot deep.

Client: Hartsfield Jackson International Airport
Location: Atlanta, GA
Value: $20M - $30M
Year: 2003
Duration: 15 Months

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