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Project Description

As part of the environmental recommendations and concerns to prevent the source of any potential contamination to the storm water system, the CDC has hired Precision 2000, Inc. to design and build containment in three different areas where the risk of spill or contamination was identified.

The first area is around electrical transformers and back up generators which, if ruptured, could cause the leakage of oil or fuel into the adjacent inlet and subsequently into the storm system.

The second area is the design and construction of a system that could collect the fuel in case of a spill during the refueling operations of the storage tank for the campus.  This is a combined system that will collect rain water and dispose it into the storm system, whereas the refueling operation will direct any spillage to a collection tank for the “posterior” proper disposal.

The last potential source of contamination identified, is the collection of rain water from a parking deck which drags oils and fuel left by vehicles and drains them directly and unrelatedly into the storm system.  A new design will redirect the waters into a single collection point to be treated before any discharge to the storm waters.

Client: Centers for Disease Control
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Value: $500,000
Year: 2013
Duration: 12 months

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