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Project Description

The project began with the removal of 99 acres of heavy wood and the adaptation of the terrain to make it suitable to construction. This included demolishing pre-existing utilities, replacing sanitary sewer lines, mass grading, building retaining walls, fencing, seeding, mulching and implementing erosion control and filtration control. Before the grading started new erosion control measures were installed. During its 6 month duration, the project required movement of over 1 million cubic yards of soil, including 200,000 of rock. While the grading process, storm lines ranging from 1″ to 84″ of concrete pipe and more than 7,000 linear foot of 8″ D.I.P sanitary lines were installed. The project also included the construction of over 1,200 linear foot of 18 foot high retaining wall and a chain link fence around the perimeter of the project.

Client: Department of Aviation
Location: Atlanta, GA
Value: $8M - $15M
Year: 2011
Duration: 9 Months

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